Monday, March 28, 2011


Hey wassup pepps..apa khabar kalian semua?hahaha..well, this post I wanna talk about….wait2, talk?hahaha..write..not talk..hahaha..whatever…okay I just wanna update my activities..okay, tomorrow I’ll go to IMR (and I still do not know what IMR is). So the programme will start at 9 a.m.(hope so!haha) and it will end at 4.30p.m.(please!!!)

So, pray for my classmate and I to have a safe journey and have a safe trip to IMR(duhhh)…chill J

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hey guys!!!wadduppp..it’s been a long time that I update my blog. So, tell me, whats new news?haha. don’t ask me where i go.hahaha..

Busy?hahaha. boleh lah. Memandangkan sekarang aku sudah bergelar Vlogger, that’s why lah lately I’m kinda busy, yeah, busy with college,exam,family and Vlog.hahaha..susah dol nak edit-edit video, bukan macam blog, taip je sesuka hati.hahaha.

Tapi aku dah post Vlog aku di post yang lepas.takde?check betul2, pang kang nak?hahaha.just kidding.

So, ni je lah kot for new post..hahaha

Saturday, March 12, 2011

3~Di Sisi Iblis

this is my third vlog, it's all about the.....aha!watch it first lah...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yeah !!! a very good morning to all of you. Let’s start our day with a smile. Come on ! make a huge SMILE J.

Even though we have classes today, let’s start it with smile hopefully it’s will make you easier to gain something from your teacher.

That its from me I guess. Hahaha. Bye