Friday, May 6, 2011

sudah tahapnya atau belum?

Since 2009,(I think lah) my body did not perform well. Why? What body did not work correctly? The answer is heart, not the jantung, but the hati.hahahaaha. It is hard to watch me get angry so bad rite? Even my classmate asks me, “Eh, can you show me your angry face”. And when I make an angry face, they response “hahaha..So that…..is..your angry face???.....HAHAHAHA”….

Seriously, I miss my Hot Tempered Boy days. When nobody will make fun of me. Hey im not going to use violence. At least if im not the always the bersabar boy, I’ll not become a part of their joke.hahaha..

You think about your power only huh? Wake up man, live happily la..No need to fight.

Hahaha..I’ve brought this story way to far from its main tittle..hahahaha

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