Friday, February 4, 2011

hey hoi

Hey, wassup peeps! it’s been a long time that im not updating this blog(cewahh..padahal baru je)..rindu pulak dekat blog aku ni haa..So, all of you should know la kan the most important things that I want to share, what? Dont know? It’s all about inline la..the ‘musim menangis’ I mean hujan maybe over, because there is no more hujan2..ALHAMDULILLAH..Lil bit hot now at Kuantan, but its okay, I can do my hobby..hehehe..

There’s no new tricks that I learn, just trying to lock in my trick perfectly and just doing something new like transfer quarter pipe to wall ride and a lil bit practicing on run format. That’s all.

Okay, abis dah about the inline things, so come out with my LIFE. It’s been smoothly goin’ just rindu my ehem2,,hahaha..bongok @_@..Got cuti for one week, very boring week because before this about 2-3 days ago it’s raining all the time like the plumber doesn’t do their work..(just for the perumpaanlah).so, the normal activity can be done now..no rain and life is back!hahaha

My sister, OLDER SISTER came back home at Wednesday.hahaha..Really miss them la..Miss the bangang mood dieorang, and the KANCIL..tu je..hahahahaha

Nest week class will start like always lah, but no “alah” from me. I’m okay with classes and college life, maybe the semangat from my gondola kot.hahaha. So trying to catch up undone assignment and trying to be more focus in class. No more playing around (main gak lah sikit)..fuhhh, want to give my wife and my children with kayu masak tempoyak ke ape?hahaha..So, start from now trying harderlah for bright future.

Wahh, so mengah-mengah to type this post,,hahaha..kidding la ngek.

Okay lah, I think that’s for this post, see you in next post okay? choww


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