Saturday, January 22, 2011


wassup bloggers,its a long time no see lah..haha
just wanna share what i feels about my 'New Life'. You know what, since after the 'Kaloi' tragedy i thought my life will ruin or destroy perfectly, its like no more tomorrow.But it 'was'.haha. Now i've found my new life, perfectly with family,friends and my ehem-ehem.hehe. Im happy with college life not because of my tutt study at the same college, its all about repairing my soul and its been stronger than ever.Jyeah!. Yes i agree if you said that life aint perfect, because anything happen everyday every single second. But i will keep on movin' with my 'Perfect life'
Just got, how do i wanna say..hmmm..yeah, just got new trick, i think it also called trick lah.yea, whatever, now i can do transfer,wall ride and even flyin over quater pipe.For other rollerblader, you can talk shit about me, because if you do, you are suck..haha..hey, im newbee, so its even lah if im only got that tricks.hahaha. It will be bigger everyday i skate.i hope so.
got new video presenting me!haha..see the older post and you can watch my vid.
There is no boom!!tricks, yeah again because of im newbee,but its not a reason for me not trying find new tricks. Im trying dude.

so, not sake of rollerblading, im trying only for me.haha @_@