Saturday, January 29, 2011

hey hair

hey guys, what's up!
for this post i wanna bring all of you(lebih kepada kaum adam ye) back to ZAMAN SKEMA!!
dont get it huh?where else in this fucking awesome world that would be the 'skema' place?of course la S.E.K.O.L.A.H.
do you remember when we was a 'budak sekolah' when we are ordered to cut our hair?and everybody i mean boys, insist to cut our hair and willing to ran from 'cikgu garang' just because of afraid the cikgu will cut our hair..hahahaha
thats the fucking moment that we all must pass..hahaha..bodo..

When I signed up for college, I let my hair long, while the heart says happy to be able got long hair. seeking revenge on the past la konon.motif??hahahahaha aku nak cakap aku rimas dah rambut panjang, so i wanna cut my hair.thats it, tammat.hahahahahahahabest gile cite..
rambut ku yang serabut

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