Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hey, new semester! I’ll try my best for this semester. A lot of thing must change..hhmmmmm..let me think first………….aha!shortlist comin up right to you!

  1. study hard and study smart(of course im not smart..haha)
  2. stay at sewel level
  3. trying to forget the ‘perempuan murahan’ completely.TRYING. =_=’
  4. trying to change my mistake. What mistake?i dont know..hahaha
  5. develop new tricks and style in ROLLERBLADING
  6. stay in gold position.STAY GOLD!
  7. try to make ‘budak inline’ at kuantan more than ONE.haha
  8. make new friends. A lot of friend!.

There is my shortlist that can come out from my mind this morning. Still a lot of thing that I wanna share, but this the ‘top 8’ things that I wanna do and change.

About the ‘perempuan murahan’, rude huh?i’ve said before, im trying to forget that EASY GET GIRL.hahahahaha. for hell sake, why I feel soo sad?she’s more than bitch man!..come on!wake up!...............huaaarrgggghhhhh…bangun pun aku..eh, cikaro la kau..hahahahahaha..baru sedar =__=”


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  1. omaigod. lagi beberapa hari nak masuk sem baru.