Friday, December 3, 2010

Jahat untuk jahat?baik untuk baik?that is my topic for this post, short one.

If you think that way, you will always be a loser and never get the ‘hikmah’.WHY?that the question that I wanna hear. Plant this in your mind, if you are the ‘bad person’ you must remember this ‘FIND A GOOD ONE AND YOU WILL GET YOUR WAY, A GOOD WAY’. And if you are the ‘good person’, YOU MUST FIND A BAD ONE TO MAKE THE BAD ONE TURN INTO A GOOD PERSON’. If this happen, then we can think about LIVE HAPPY EVER AFTER.

Think my friends, THINK.



  1. ringkas dan padat ! haha . bahase yg menarik .. sye suke la pacik !
    p/s : tingkatkan usaha ..